It seems like yesterday when >atlanta travel & corporate events consultants was chosen to organize and coordinate all the technical secretarial services of the 26th edition of the International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP 2018). This was going to be the first time that Spain would host this international congress and, for five days, more than 900 people, including speakers and participants, would attend an event where the leaders of science, including 6 Nobeles awards, would present the most recent advances. representative in the field of atomic physics. The entire >alanta team got down to work to make this great event a success.

  • Sector: Scientific community
  • Target: International presence of a community of scientists from all over the world. The total number of attendees between speakers and participants expected was about 900 people.
  • Goal: To hold the biannual conference, in its twenty-sixth edition and to present during the five days that the congress lasts to researchers from all over the world the most recent developments that have taken place in the last two years in the field of atomic physics.
  • Need: ICAP needs complete secretarial services for the celebration of this congress in Barcelona, including the management of the different secretariats (technical, scientific, commercial and social). This is why the >atlanta congress division was presented as an official partner to guarantee the perfect organization of the congress.
  • Proposed solution: >atlanta would be in charge of managing all aspects related to the secretariat and also, with the commitment to generate value for the congress, it would also address aspects related to marketing, communication and new technologies. The >atlanta team, which has professionals from different areas and specializations, would offer complete assistance to the ICAP congress in its different needs, including the creation of the web, online registration platform, management and registration of abstracts, supplier management, selection of transport, sending of informative circulars, selection of accommodation and social program among others.
  • Result: The good development of the five days of the congress, the speed with which last minute needs were solved and the professionalism with which >atlanta developed in the preparation of this congress, organized by clients as demanding as ICFO , the UB, the UAB and UPC, were the sample of the great team of >atlanta. ICAP 2018 was a great success and allowed Barcelona to position itself as a leading city in science.
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