About >atlanta

We are a corporate travel and events consultancy

An Business Tourism consultancy committed to excellence and with a growing international presence. We understand corporate events and trips as levers of action to develop, expand and enhance the business of corporations, associations, institutions and foundations.

Meeting planners, congress managers, project managers, travel consultants, luxury travel designers… A team of more than 80 professionals whose talents complement each other to achieve the excellence of our brand.

12 months have passed
in which we have been and we are still by your side

A year has passed since the first State of Alarm and the beginning of the crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic, complex times that we have had to live and in which, even in confinement, in >atlanta we have maintained our commitment to service with the customers.

12 months have passed in which we have been and we continue to be by your side, from our offices or just one click away, to provide answers and solutions to your needs in events and corporate trips.

>atlanta, always next to you

These past months have been a complex time to live through. But even in the distance, we have always been by your side, functioning normally to offer you the best solutions adapted to these new and unexpected circumstances caused by Covid19.
Now, that everyday we get a bit closer to the end of the state of alarm and with it the recovery of mobility, opening of borders, resumption of air traffic, etc., we return to normality and in >atlanta we continue to be at your side as just one click, a phone call, email, WhatsApp message or why not, via videoconference.

#stayhome, we keep by your side

#stayhome, we keep by your side
We only have one wish: that both you and your family are safe. We are.
We keep being by your side, even when it is from home, in the same way that we have always done: close and committed to being useful. Always providing solutions.
We are convinced that together we will get out of this situation, we continue to bet on the future, because although the present is uncertain, we will overcome it. Amazing events and extraordinary trips await for us, but until then it’s time to stay home.
Now it’s time to take care of yourself. Serenity and strength for everyone!

Our values make the difference

We understand the particularities of the corporate and institutional world, knowledge that allows us to offer the desired quality of advice and service in corporate events and trips.


Our team is always looking for the latest trends in events, business travel and private trips.


Our level of personalization and closeness is the key to our success. Together we co-create all the services you need.


>atlanta was founded in 1980 and since then has been able to develop and retain the best team. A team of more than 80 professionals with outstanding experience in the sector.

Our History

>atlanta Sustainable

Since last 12/16/21 we have been certified with the BIOSPHERE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE Seal and the WTTC Safe Travels Seal.

With these seals >atlanta reaffirms its commitment to sustainable tourism.



We are members of leading associations in the sector: Convention Bureaus, IATA, CEAV, ACAVE, ICCA, IAPCO, TAG, I’M+, which is a guarantee of quality and service due to the different evaluations that our membership implies.

Our international vocation led us to establish a global alliance with the British consortium Reed & Mackay in 2009, which is why we are their partner in Spain, allowing us to provide global coverage to our customers.

We are also certified in Quality: UNE-EN-ISO9001:2015, we have the Fenin Ethical Seal.

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