Last September, a company in the insurance sector turned 50 years old and decided to celebrate it with all its workers. The event, which took place at the Casino de Madrid, welcomed more than 200 employees for an elegant evening.

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  • Sector: Pioneer company in the insurance sector with a careful brand
  • Target: Company Employees
  • Goal:Celebrate 50 years of the company by transmitting the history and brand values of the company
  • Need:The company needed to work on the communication concept for its event, that is, how it was going to transmit it and through what supports. Throughout the anniversary event, different points of contact were to be used to display the goals set. In addition, they wanted a classic-style event that would allow their attendees to viralize the celebration on social networks.
  • Proposed solution: >atlanta, with previous experience in organizing corporate anniversary events, was in charge of developing the common thread that was adopted across the board throughout the event. The development of the claim, the intrigue teaser campaign (carried out two months before), and the dissemination of the company’s history, through posters, was a job carried out under the watchful eye of the Atlanta Marketing team. The atlanta meeting planners team, with a team specialized in venue hunting, was in charge of prospecting for possible venues to find the most suitable for the brand. In this case, as it was a classic event, the Casino de Madrid was chosen to host the gala dinner.
  • Result: More than 200 guests had an unforgettable night and were proud to work for this great insurance company. During the evening they enjoyed a photocall, a live music show, speeches by the management team and an exclusive gala dinner. The guests interacted on social networks using the # (hasthags) specially created for the event and the viralization on the main networks was a success.