A company focused on financing advice wants to hold its internal convention in September. Its team made up of young international profiles wants to combine its meeting program with activities focused on team coaching and promoting the spirit of collaboration between different business units of the company.

  • Sector: Company that offers financial advisory services
  • Destination and duration: Getxo (Bizkaia). Two days long.
  • Target: 92 attendees from Spain, France and Belgium
  • Goal:To hold the Internal Convention of the company for its entire team from different locations and countries.
  • Need:The company needed a meeting proposal in a destination that would allow the presentation of a company boat and include team building activities to promote teamwork between the different international venues. This Internal Convention should transmit business values and offer leisure activities to attendees.
  • Proposed solution: The company wanted to show the boat that participated in the America’s Cup regatta, which was sponsored by the company, so a convention venue with a port was needed. As it was an Internal Convention for a young and international audience that came from different parts of Belgium, France and Spain, it was proposed to hold a meeting in Bizkaia (Getxo). In addition, the boat was in the South of France so it was much more comfortable to move it to the Basque Country. Attendees had the opportunity to hold their meetings at URL Palacio Oriol, a palace from 1906 with elegant decoration and an exceptional location overlooking the Abra Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. The meeting was combined with the presentation of the boat and different nautical activities as a playful part that also served to promote groupings in teams and highlight strengths among members.
  • Result:The event began with an aperitif on the terrace on Getxo beach where dinner was served and a DJ was included. During the two days, company presentations were made in one of the plenary rooms of the Palace. The open-plan rooms with marble floors and natural light offered attendees spectacular views of the bay while the meeting was taking place. In the afternoon, BigSup and Kayak group activities focused on teamwork.
  • Exclusive services: >atlanta conducted a survey of different meeting spaces and the team values ​​to be transmitted during the development of the activity were worked together with the CEO of the company. A planning of the leisure needs was carried out including a location overlooking the Abra Bay and cocktail type catering served in the same hotel grounds.