Product Launch and Convention

An oral health company wants to present to its sales force a new complete range of toothpastes aimed at children between 0 and 13 years old. The meeting, between sales delegates from different parts of Spain, was also used to hold the company’s Internal Convention.


Oral health company

Destination and duration
Port Aventura World. Two days long.

120 attendees – Sales delegates

Present the new range of dental products, which were to be launched nationally and internationally, in front of more than 120 people from its sales network for medical visits and pharmacy.

The company needed advice and creativity to organize this double meeting. On one hand, they were looking for a space that would allow them to present this new product and be related to childhood. On the other hand, when celebrating the company’s Internal Convention, leisure activities should be offered to attendees. In addition, the agency was in charge of coordinating the entire event.


As it is a product intended for children (a toothbrush and toothpaste for ages 0 to 13), the Port Aventura amusement park was used as a destination to launch the new product. The whole theme of the program revolved around the theme of children. >atlanta worked together with the client on the proposal of a recreational space, such as the Port Aventura amusement park, taking into account the briefing provided. In addition, their needs were determined for the days of product presentation to the sales network, thus establishing a different distribution for the rooms and for meetings. Our team of meeting planners organized the changes of rooms, the assembly and the decoration needs of each one of them according to the launch of the new product.


The event took place over two days where product presentations were made in a plenary room with 120 attendees, and then, meetings were held for groups of 20 people in 6 rooms of the Portaventura Convention Center for each commercial delegation in Spain. Attendees stayed at the Hotel Port Aventura, located just a 2-minute walk from the Convention Center with direct access to Port Aventura Park, where they had the opportunity to enjoy all the services offered by the park.


>atlanta negotiated a series of value-added services for the client, including the privatization of an area of the park with free access to attractions for attendees, themed dinner at one of the park’s restaurants, branding proposals elaborated in house following the design of the new product and, in collaboration with the company’s Marketing department. In addition, there was a farewell show to the old product and a welcome to the new one.