One more year had arrived that moment so awaited by all the delegates. All the entire EMEA teams would meet again at the most special event of the year: The EMEA Sales Conference 2020.

  • Sector: Leading company in the clinical diagnostics industry.
  • Destination and duration: This time the chosen venue was Madrid. Four days long.
  • Target: 700 attendees.
  • Objetive: Present the good results of 2019 to the 700 attendees from more than 50 countries. This year they wanted to differentiate themselves from previous events by generating a unique experience.
  • Need:The company had defined the messages and objectives that it wanted to communicate during the event. However, he needed creative advice to spread the messages in an attractive way during the four days. Therefore, it required help in claim development, graphic image of the event and branding in hotel spaces, among others. The need also consisted in finding a space in Europe where the event could be held: a hotel with capacity for 700 people, a large meeting room or auditorium and many rooms to hold small meetings.

Result: Thanks to perfectly coordinated logistics, and an innovative creative proposal, we achieved the objective set by the client, to overcome last year’s convention and make the 2020 convention impossible to forget.

Proposed solution:

  • Highlighting the creative process of our meeting planners team and adapting as much as possible to the claim of the “BUILT TO WIN” event that we developed together with the client, we designed the graphic image and proposed the use of a multifunctional space, the Auditorium of the Marriott Hotel.
  • For the opening moment, we designed an innovative scenography composed exclusively of a large-format screen, an imposing stage with its corporate colors, illuminated with LED lights and a large, corporeal logo.
  • At the time of the Opening we surprised all the attendees with an opening show in which a video choreographed with two dancers was projected, which communicated the key messages of the company. A video created especially for the occasion and in which the different areas of the company were shown.
  • Another important challenge was the closing dinner and coordination of the award ceremony to the winners. The scenography of the room was most impressive: with spotlights, gobos and lights on the ceiling. And so that no one missed a detail, four huge screens were installed. The element of surprise in achieving the WOW effect was the band that played live every time one of the awards was awarded. As a final touch, the attendees could have fun dancing in a relaxed atmosphere.