A stroll along the 3 pillars of Aragón


Let’s get lifted to live a medieval adventure through Aragonese lands. A journey that sets off in the city of Zaragoza and will bring you to the end of the XI century.

1 majestic city: Zaragoza, 3 pillars of Aragón (castle, cathedral and pantheon) and a 4-day trip. Ready to travel back in time?

The fast-flowing Ebro river welcomes you to one of the most charming cities in Spain: Zaragoza. Walk along the old town to discover the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar, a baroque temple from the XVII century that has become one of the most important centers of pilgrimage on the Catholicism.

Next stop? The castle of Loarre. From the top of the mountain, at 1071 meters, the strong walls of this fortress are a symbol of the grandeur of the reign. Cross its wall slowly.

Soldiers coming, soldiers coming! Open the gate! Aragonese troops are gathered in the Castle of Loarre where peasants, priests and King Sancho take shelter. The guards switch on the torches, servants get out the most juicy food of the land paired with Somontano wines. Do you realize? You are inside a medieval adventure. The guide and the actors of the castle are performing everyday medieval scenes to drive you back to the IX century.

The jaw-dropping live theatre and the lavishness of the castle have whetted our appetite. Ready to savour slowly a ternasco (roasted lamb)? A classic dish of the aragonese gastronomy? A simple and delicious dish cooked using local products.

Next stop? The Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña where is located the Pantheon. Placed at the tiny Botaya village in the south of Jaca, the Monastery welcomes you proudly showing one of its enchantments: the Royal Pantheon, where the inside are buried many aragonese kings.

The journey is coming to an end but before, there’s a last surprise. To put the ice on the cake to this medieval trip we’ll visit the Jaca Catedral considered on of the most important temples of the first Romanesque style.

It’s time to come back but the grandeur, opulence and splendour of the Pillars of Aragon will come back home with you. You’ll feel like you have discovered some of the best kept secret of the Middle age.

A trip to the Middle Age

After the Muslim invasion some some of the christian communities looked for shelter in the mountainous region of the Aragón county. It was then when they started to build unique jewels of the Middle Age. Castles, towers and fortresses that include a historic-artistic legacy of immeasurable value. Romanesque architecture, paintings and sculpture from the XI-XIII centuries that depict one of the most renowned stages of Spain: the Reconquest.

A unique setting

San Juan de la Peña is placed in a natural area with breathtaking biodiversity, the landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel is protected. Thanks to its privileged locations there a numerous viewpoints to the Pyrenees called ‘the Balcony to the Pyrenees’ and San Voto viewpoint.

Wines at the foot of Pyrenees

The harshness of the weather and a rugged terrain, in the Pyrenees of Huesca, gives high quality wines like D.O Somontano (a renowned wine qualification). This qualification is pioneer using different varieties of grapevines in the region. Among their 15 grapevines, coming locally and also from other countries, Somontano gives its excellent wines. Rustic wines in body, color, and level of alcohol. In addition to the D.O Somontano, here are produced the best garnacha grapes that give D.O Campo de Borja, D.O Cariñena and D.O Calatayud.


Day 1 – Zaragoza

In the morning group meeting in Zaragoza train station and transfer to the hotel. The transfer will take 15 minutes. After the check-in at the hotel we’ll visit the city with a local guide

Zaragoza, called the Florence of the XVI century, is one most important cities of Spain with 600.000 inhabitants. It is strategically located between Barcelona and Madrid. It has more than 2.000 years of history offering many places to visit in the city center and the surroundings.

Visit The Aljafería Palace, headquarter of the Aragonese Corts. This remarkably beautiful building is a taifal palace dating from the XI century with breathtaking wooden sculptures in the shape of alfajares from mudejar artists that worked for the Catholic Kings. Overnight in Zaragoza.

Day 2 – Full day: Loarre Castle

Breakfast at the hotel.

10:00h The guide will pick up the group in the hall to head to Loarre Castle and enjoy a private visit.

11:30h Arrival to Loarre Castle and private visit to the Castle. Loarre castle with a Romanesque style is located 1000 metres above the sea level, a perfect setting to control the entrance routes to the town and its surroundings. Its position served as a basecamp to keep an eye on the muslims. The castle is in a perfect state, probably one of the best preserved in Europa. Today it’s in a process of being de declared National Heritage Site by the Unesco.

13:30h Lunch in Bolea, one of the muslim villages that were monitored close from the Castle.

16:00h Visit to the gothic church of Saint Mary Major in Boleawere  we’ll visit the Gothic Church of Saint Mary Major that belongs to the diocese of Huesca for more than 450 years.

17:00h Departure to Huesca to be lodged in a central hotel. Overnight in a hotel in Huesca.

Day 3 – Full day: San Pedro Cathedral, Jaca and San Juan de la Peña Monastery

Breakfast at the hotel.

10:00h The guide will pick up the group in the reception to depart to Jaca where we’ll visit San Pedro Catedral. Jaca 900 years ago was the capital of the reign and also of the diocese. Therefore, they saw themselves with the need of building there a cathedral. Later on the city was devastated because of the a plague that killed more than half of the inhabitants of the town. In 1908 the demolition of the wall made the city to revive.

11:00h Visit to San Pedro Cathedral and Jaca’s citadel. San Pedro Cathedral is another one of three Pillars of Aragon and one of the oldest Romanesque constructions in Spain just one hour from Huesca. It is an architectonic example filled with details such as corbels, pillars and walls.

Before having lunch in the center of Jaca we’ll take advantage to visit Jaca’s citadel. Here you can visit the Military Miniature Museum with more than 35.000 miniatures that depict the most representative battles from the Human History. One of them is Waterloo battle with more than 8.000 miniatures.

13:30h Lunch at Restaurante Mesón Serrablo in Jaca

16:00h Visit to San Juan de la Peña Monastery. We’ll depart by coach to San Juan de la Peña Monastery, the last one of the Pillars of Aragon. San Juan de la Peña Monastery features the tombs of many Aragon Kings in a natural scenery.
17:15h Departure to Zaragoza and overnight in the city.

Day 4 – Zaragoza

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to pick up the AVE train. There’s the possibility to extend your stay and make an enological visit.

Our proposal includes:

  • 3 nights in 4-star hotels
  • Double room (standard category) including breakfast
  • Transfers for the whole route on a minivan
  • Multilingual guide
  • Minimum group of 25 people

On request:

    • Tickets to museums/monuments
    • Meals
    • Transfers to Zaragoza
    • >atlanta assistance
    • Travel insurance

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