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More than 500 congresses and 250.000 delegates endorse our activity as Professional Congress Organizer (OPC) offering services to companies and private and public associations.


>atlanta, is your strategic partner to advice and ensure the perfect organization of a conference in all areas: logistics, financial, relational, content management and commercial, applying sustainability criteria and ROI measuring.


1.Technical secretariat


  • Initial drafting and budget control
  • Design and follow-up of timing and Congress calendar
  • Administrative, financial and fiscal management
  • On-line registration management


  • “On site” management
  • Delegate and attendace control
  • Issuing of certificates
  • Statistics and reporting


  • Issuing of certificates
  • Integral services for production and logistics before, during and after the Congress (set up, dismantling, special settings…)

2.Scientific secretariat

  • Communications and abstract management
  • Management of faculty, scientific program and related services (simultaneous translation)

3.Commercial secretariat

  • Sponsorship management
  • Management of the commercial exhibition

4. Social Secretariat – Travel agency services

  • Management of  accommodation and transport both off y on-line (ATSBT)
  • Social program for attendees and accompanying people

5.Marketing and Communication applied to Congresses

With our commitment of generating value we build strong brands. The conceptualization, design, production and management are the pillars of our service. Therefore, we can make of your congress an opportunity to boost and positioning your brand and positioning at all levels.
Creative and innovative proposals to create long-lasting experiencies in the mind of your atteendes through the congress.

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6.New technologies applied to Congresses

  • Integral management tool for congresses and on-line registration management: ATSC
  • Mobile apps for congresses:
    • App i.congreso (iPhone, Android e iPad).
    • Event calendar, alerts, notifications and advanced personalization.
    • App plus: Promotion of Sponsors and exhibitors, interactive voting sessions (real time).
    • App Premium: Networking between attendees (private chat), geolocation, document management (.pdf, .ppt, .doc, .xls), usage analytics, multi-language.
  • On-site technology

  • Access control systems (radio frequency readers arcs, barcode accreditation systems, QR codes).
  • Information systems: Virtual information points, interactive totems, interactive floors, Tweetwalls, digital signage.
  • In-room technology: instant interactive voting, wireless bracelets for speakers, live webcasting, streaming and VOD.
  • Video Mapping, projections on surfaces to reflect movements or shapes in 3D.
  • 3D environments with holograms, augmented reality and reality simulators.
  • Digital / tactile technology of the commercial exhibiton.

The certification of the Fenin Seal offers a qualitative leap to >atlanta clients dedicated to the health sector giving them higher guarantees of transparency.

Fenin associates are committed to fulfil the ethic code at all times and have to respect the obligations of their clients and suppliers together with their own ethical and behaviour codes.

>atlanta reliably accomplishes the 10 principles of the ethical code that must govern relationships between organizations and health professionals and the industry.

Produced Congresses

  • Congreso Internacional AELFA -2014, Madrid
  • Congreso SEFAC – 2014, Málaga
  • Congreso Terapia Familiar – 2014, Sevilla
  • EAHP Congress – 2014, Barcelona
  • SEEGG – 2014, San Sebastián
  • XXXIII Curso de Actualización en Cirurgía – 2014, Sevilla
  • International Discussion Meeting – 2013, Barcelona
  • Jornadas Salón Tecnológico del Agua – 2013, San Sebastián
  • SEEGG – 2013, Valladolid
  • SITE – 2013, Barcelona
  • Congreso Nacional Entrevista Clínica – 2012, Granada
  • Congreso Nacional SEFAC – 2012, Barcelona
  • Jornadas Mediterráneas Confrontaciones Terapéuticas – 2012, Barcelona
  • La Nit de les Telecomunicacions – 2012, Barcelona
  • XXXI Curso de Actualización en Cirugía Laparoscópica XIX – 2012, Sevilla
  • Congreso Cirugía Laparoscópica – 2011, Sevilla
  • Congreso SESAM – 2011, Granada
  • Entrega Premios Arcoirirs – 2011, Sevilla
  • Jornadas Salón Tecnológico del Agua – 2011, Cartagena
  • La Nit de les Telecomunicacions – 2011, Barcelona
  • SITE – 2011, Barcelona
  • XI Congreso Nacional Enfermería Dermatológica – 2011, Barcelona
  • XXII Congreso Nacional de Entrevista Clínica – 2011, Burgos
  • Congreso Nacional AETR (Técnicos Radiología) – 2010, Segovia
  • Congreso Nacional de Trasplantes – 2010, Sevilla
  • Congreso Nacional SEFAC – 2010, Valencia
  • II Bird Migration and Global Change Conference – 2010, Algeciras
  • Jornadas Mediterráneas Confrontaciones Terapéuticas – 2010, Sitges
  • Jornadas Salón Tecnológico del Agua – 2010, Sevilla
  • La Nit de les Telecomunicacions – 2010, Barcelona
  • WONCA – 2010, Málaga
  • 14 Congreso Nacional SEFAP – 2009, Sevilla
  • Congreso Internacional de Dirección de Personas – 2009, Tarragona
  • Congreso Nacional Geriatría – 2009, Bilbao
  • Jornadas Salón Tecnológico del Agua – 2009, Gijón
  • La Nit de les Telecomunicacions – 2009, Barcelona
  • SEEGG – 2009, Málaga

Case Studies

63 SEDO Congress 2017

GA2LEN Ucare Conference and Preceptorship

Professional Simposium


Congreso Economía y Justícia 2018

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