Atlanta travel & corporate events consultants incorporates a new expense management tool in its technology portfolio for business travel

Atlanta travel & corporate events consultants with the aim to facilitate the work of clients have included a new expense management tool in its portfolio of technology products and services for business travel.

What is this tool and it can do for you and your company?

It is a digital tool, approved by the Spanish State Tax Agency, (in SAAS format) downloadable to any mobile device (a phone, a tablet) contains all necessary to become a pocket administrator for managing all your expenses on travel functions of business.

Allowing a very simple way, through a picture with the camera of the mobile device, convert any ticket spending on business in a digital capture replaced with full legal validity to documents on paper. It also allows reporting expenses to the company from mobile devices without papers or manual tasks, automating the control and management of costs and integrating them with the processes and systems you already have in your company.

If you want to know firsthand what this practical tool can offer do not hesitate to contact us, a business travel specialist will contact you and explain the benefits your company could obtain using this tool.