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INSPIRING YOUR JOURNEYS… As you land at the airport of Alicante-Elche you make a quick evaluation of the last months: intense and productive but exhausting. You feel proud because thanks to your effort, you and your partner will enjoy some well-deserved days of relaxation. Connecting with nature what you like most. Connecting with nature what you like most.


Singular Experiences

Snorkelling in Tabarca

Snorkel in the marine ecosystem of Tabarca.

Tastes of Campello

Enjoy the Baños de la Reina and the auction at the fish market.

Breakfast of Kings

Have breakfast with the best views of the city at Santa Bárbara Castle.

The essentials

Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle

On top of the Mount Benacantil you will find the Castle of Santa Bárbara, one of the most visited places of interest in the region.

Postiguet Beach

Postiguet Beach

Located in the heart of the city, its exceptional location allows you to enjoy the views of the sea and Santa Bárbara Castle.

Santa Cruz neighborhood

Santa Cruz neighborhood

Santa Cruz is a neighbourhood located on top of a hill and is considered one of the pearls of Alicante. The traditional style of its steep streets and a touch of melancholy make it a unique attraction.

The Esplanade of Spain

The Esplanade of Spain

A 500-metre symbolic walk consisting of six and a half million marble tesserae which make up a wavy mosaic of red, black and white.

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  • 6-day program including visit to Les Fonts de L’algar, Alicante desert, visit to the Atalaya Castle with wine tasting at the Francisco Gómez winery and farewell dinner with views to the city.
  • Why Alicante is and ideal destination to balance mind and body.

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