The continuous clattering and the neighing horses awakes the inhabitants of Emerita Augusta. Merchants from Astorga (Leon province) are installing their tents to sell all kinds of products in the Main Square. A long trip crossing the Roman pavement, the only way that covers South and North Extremadura, has brought them to Mérida. At the crack of dawn the hectic rhythm of this way is breathtaking. Merchants from the whole region mixed with metal carriers, Roman troops and cattle make this way a crowded and lively path. Welcome to the famous Silver Route that joins Mérida with Astorga, a natural way that includes an impressive historic legacy. Cross the main Roman cities where you can still contemplate the Roman essence in their architectonical monuments declared World Heritage Site. Plunge into the Roman Baths and experience the authentic Roman style!

Hispano-Roman Essence
Follow the footsteps of the Roman Empire through this route and discover the Roman past of their cities. Old pavements, monuments and archeological sites dating back to the 15th and 16th century declared World Heritage Site. There’s no better way to get immersed in the Spanish culture than visiting his archaeological legacy.

Be lodged in historic buildings of cultural interest
This 7-day route you’ll be lodged in hotels from the Spanish chain Paradores. From >atlanta travel & corporate events we have selected “Paradores de Turismo de España” having into account some criteria such as the historic value of their buildings and the artistic and cultural heritage. His historical legacy and the conservation state of their building has considered them as “Bienes de Interés Cultural” (Good of Cultural Interest) offering them an exceptional attractiveness for tourists.

Iberic Tastings
Gastronomy in Extremadura is rich in high quality local products such as jamones de la dehesa (dehesa ham), cheese, pastries and cherries known as “Cereza del Jerte” etc. Goat cheese are on of the specialities of the region and some of them have own international prizes. Extremadura offers a plain and simple cuisine style that make it delicious!

Day 1 – Zafra
Zafra offers the opportunity to explore Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Church (13th Century), Grande Square, Santa Catalina Convent, Santa Clara Convent, El Rosario Monastery and the palace known as Casa Grande.
Day 2 – Mérida
Mérida or in the roman times known as Emerita Augusta offers a glimpse into his flourishing Roman past. This legacy can be explored in the National Museum of Roman Art, theater, amphitheater and Roman circus.
You You won’t want to miss a visit to the House of the Amphitheater, House of the Mithraeum, the archaeological site at Santa Eulalia Church, the Roman bridge over the Guadiana and Los Milagros Aqueduct. The Arabs and Visigoths also left their mark on the region. Visitors can explore this part of our heritage at the Arab alcazaba (citadel) and Museum of Visigothic Art.
Days 3 & 4 – Trujillo
Extremadura truly weaves a magical spell. Trujillo, home of discoverers, opens itself to us in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square). As you explore the streets, you will also discover a number of different palaces: Palacio de los Duques de San Carlos, Palacio de los Marqueses de la Conquista and Palacio Marqués de Sufraga. The ancient castle and Pizarro House Museum are filled with tales of the past. The town also features a number of important historic religious buildings, including San Martín Church, Santa María La Mayor Church, Santa Clara Convent and San Francisco Real Monastery.
Day 5 – Jarandilla de la Vera
The Parador de Jarandilla, a historic building of incomparable beauty, is a truly special starting point for discovering sights such as Yuste Monastery, where Emperor Charles V spent his final days. Visitors will also be interested in natural areas such as Garganta de la Olla. Other recommendations include the towns of the La Vera district, especially Valverde and Villanueva.

Days 6 & 7 – Plasencia
Plasencia, the last stop on our journey along this section of the Ruta de la Plata, is a welcome gift for your final hours in Extremadura, a gift you can begin to enjoy by visiting such sights as the New Cathedral and the Old Cathedral. The area around the cathedrals offers a number of lovely spots, including the bustling Plaza Mayor (Main Square), San Vicente Ferrer Monastery, the Episcopal Palace and other palaces: Palacio de los Marqueses de Mirabel, Palacio de Carvajal-Girón and Palacio de las Torres.

Parador de Zafra
The Parador de Zafra, Palace of the Dukes of Feria, occupies a majestic castle from the 15th century. Construction on this residence for the dukes of Feria was begun in 1437. The value of the palace is evident in the spectacular façade. It offers 111 rooms with beautiful coffered ceilings, large chests, ironwork and banisters. Its exceptional location, in the middle of the city center, makes it perfect for exploring the historic surroundings and sights in the area.

Parador de Mérida
The Parador de Mérida is located in an old convent that dates back to the XVIII century and was built on top of a temple in honor to the Concordia de Augusto. Located in the heart of the city offers the opportunity to discover a wealth of heritage without having to worry about driving. The elegant rooms and suites are equipped with a flat-screen TV, WiFi and minibar.

Parador de Trujillo
This Parador occupies the former convent of Santa Clara that dates back to XVI century. Its beautiful cloisters, one one with Renaissance arches and columns will make you feel like the ecclesiastic peace and quietness. This hotel is ideal if you need to unwind and rest. The medieval paintings decorate all rooms of the convent bringing a high historical value.

Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera
The Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera is a castle/palace with a long story. It hosted Emperor Charles V for a period of several months. From the hotel one can observe the fortified towers, the amr’s patio and the swimming pool surrounded by olive and orange trees.
Parador de Plasencia
Located on the banks of the Jerte River, in the Extremadura province of Cáceres, we can find Plasencia. Its Parador is in the old quarter, a strategic location along quarter the ancient commercial and pilgrimage route known as the Ruta de la Plata. The hotel occupies Santo Domingo Monastery, built in the 15th century. Thick stone walls, vaulted ceilings and beautiful décor await you in the Gothic style interior. The hotel is the ideally located in the Jerte River. In this city you’ll discover the remains of medieval walls, fortified towers and gates from the Middle Age.

Wine tasting at Payva Winery (Mérida)
Only 20 minutes from Mérida you can find Bodegas Martínez Payva, a family company with a long tradition with more than five generations harvesting grapevines and making wines. In Payva they are pioneers in the introduction of new crop management techniques and implementing new varieties of grapes. They elaborate red wines with their own vineyards with more than 20 years old. Bodegas Payva is a renowned cellar that belongs to the Guadiana River Wine Route. A unique tasting experience where all your sense will awaken. Feel in your nose a combination of flavours such as raspberries, cherries and tobacco leaves with a essence of vanilla. Sip a glass of wine and the fruit jam, vanilla and the aromatic flavours of this wine. Savor the superb Extremadura wines in a unique tasting. Live sensory experience through the Extremadura wine.

Visit to a traditional cheese factory (Province of Cáceres)
La fábrica Quesos del Casar elabora en su fábrica quesos ganadores de premios como el de la “Flor de la Dehesa”, galardonado como el mejor queso en la Feria Nacional del Queso de Trujillo. Conozca todos los detalles de elaboración de los quesos manchegos y descubra su proceso de producción y elaboración artesanal.

Baños de Montemayor (Province of Cáceres)
Baños de Montemayor (Montemayor Baths) date back to the Roman Empire domination and they are part of the of the Spain culture. In the Roman era the “Silver Route” was highly used and the thermal waters found in the route were praised for their curative properties. Today, Montemayor Baths is a Spa resort that offers thalassotherapy circuits, swimming pools and a wide variety of Spa services such as massages and beauty treatments.

What’s included in the proposal?

  • 6 nights in a double room (standard category)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Transfers for the whole route on a minivan
    Spanish guide (other languages on request)

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