MALAGA: Sea, sun & south

Once upon a time there was an entrepreneur called Adam who decided to embark upon a new business project. Becoming CEO, his great dream had come true, but after the first three months, he realized that the results of the team were not as expected. As a good leader, Adam, decided that the time had come to take action and get and strive for major group cohesion. During the next 4 days the walls of the office will be changed for a catamaran, the meeting rooms for the beach and computers for tablets, on which to do outdoor activities. A Team Building trip, around Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, marked the start of a new stage.


Singular Experiences


Relax yourself in the tranquility of the Arabian baths.

Sima del Diablo

Practice canyoning in an impressive natural environment.

Malagueta Picnic

Have breakfast with the first light of sun.

The essentials

The Manquita

The Manquita

The Cathedral of Malaga has a truncated history despite, today, being a Renaissance gem. The second tower never came to be built and for that reason the cathedral carries this nickname, which means “one-armed”.

Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum

Picasso has become one of the most respected artists of the 20th century. The visit to his museum in his hometown is almost obligatory.

Castle of Gibralfaro

Castle of Gibralfaro

Also known as La Alcazaba, it is a testament to, and evidence of, the rich history of this Andalusian land. Romans, Arabs and Christians have left their mark on its construction.

Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey

The Gorge of the Gaitanes is a beautiful spot of natural beauty. It is a 3 km long canyon carved by the River Guadalhorce. Today it is a symbol of active tourism in Spain.

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  • 4-day program including Seafaring Day, Andalusian Challenge, Open-Air Afternoon and Picnic on the beach.
  • Why Malaga was nominated as best european destination 2019.

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