NAUTICAL TEAM BUILDING: Cutting through the waters of Ibiza and Formentera in a team

INSPIRING YOUR JOURNEYS… Early in the morning we will move to Ibiza Yacht Club where the group will be divided into teams. Each team will get on board a sailing boat with their own personal skipper. You can’t believe it, you’ve been assigned to be the helmsman! Leaving the harbor behind, we cross that thin line where the clear sky merges with the blue sea. The adventure begins! The crew is ready and the engine roars, our destination? The isle of Formentera!


Team races (Regattas)

A regatta is an ideal team building activity, which helps to strengthen the bonds within teams. Through different teams racing to complete a circuit of a route marked by buoys, this activity establishes group dynamics and improves strategy and communication. The techniques used are the same as when working with high-performance teams.

Ideal setting for watersports

Ibiza and Formentera are two islands located a short distance from each other. Just 3,4 km separan the two harbours of these idyllic islands making it possible to travel from one to the other in only 48 minutes. The waters between the two islands provides the perfect setting in which to do watersports in different teams keen on learning new disciplines such as sailing, scuba diving or kayaking.

Uniting teams on the high seas

The teams will learn about life at sea while they live together in the sailing boat assigned to them, surrounded by extraordinary scenery. A unique experience where 10 crew member will have to overcome the challenges of the sea through problem solving techniques, discipline and collaborative work.


Buggy Discovery

Buggy vehicles make possible to get to hidden places not accessible by car. We’ll cross cliffs, bays, less trodden paths and traditional Ibizan villages, together with an expert guide, while we are told the best stories about each place we visit.

Night at Espalmador

This island is home to the protected marine plant called Posidonia. Its importance to maintain the natural balance of the sea is key. Therefore, this territory has been declared a national park. We’ll spend the night on board our sailing boat.

White Party

Balearic island are the perfect setting to enjoy the best sunsets in the Mediterranean while we celebrate a white party. Glass of champagne in hand, jazz music in the background and the feel of the sea breeze will make this event an unforgettable experience.

Create high performance teams with a nautical team!

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