TURIN: An incentive trip for sales leaders

REDEFINING YOUR INCENTIVES… You’ve made it to the top of the sales ladder. All your hard work, positive attitude and constant powers of persuasion are the secret to your success. You’ve reached the sales peak for the last quarter and best of all is the fact that so has your team. You can’t stop smiling when you think about how you’re going to break the news to your department! Being National Manager entails making big sacrifices and can be extremely hard at times, but this, without a doubt, is one of the most gratifying moments since you took up this responsibility.


Singular Experiences

Private tour of Turin

A tour of Turin’s monuments will lead us to discover the historical and cultural sites of the city.


“Bicerin Stopover”

n the historical centre of Turin we will stop to taste one of the city’s gastronomic specialities, bicerin.

Wine tasting in Langhe

In the midst of exceptional surroundings, we will enjoy tasting the best wines of the region to discover and savour them.

Venaria Reale by classic car

In classic Italian cars, we will visit one of the residencies of the Royal Household of Saboya, Venaria Castle, which is a World Heritage Site.

Ice caves

We will visit the interior of a glacier, either by walking or sailing through its grottoes, in doing so discovering the heart of one of the marvels of Mont Blanc.

The essentials

Castello Square

Castello Square

In the historical centre of this city we can find important buildings such as the Royal Palace and San Lorenzo Church.

Langhe Region

Langhe Region

A World Heritage Site formed by beautiful hills of vineyards and wineries.

Venaria Castle

Venaria Castle

This is one of the residencies of the Saboya Royal family, World Heritage Site, source of inspiration for Versalles Palace.

Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley

Lying between France and Switzerland, this border region is a little gem of a discovery, steeped in history, culture and nature.

Incentives by >atlanta

Offer your customers an unforgettable incentive trip!

Download the full itinerary and discover:

  • Singular Experiences by >atlanta
  • 2 night’s accommodation in Turin
  • 1 private tour around the historical centre of Turin
  • 2 excursions, Venaria Castle and Langhe
  • Extension to Aosta Valley (on request)
  • Transfers to and from airport

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