19th International Symposium of ISTU | 5th European Symposium of EUFUS

From the 13 to 15 juny, the University of Barcelona hosted the 19th International Symposium of ISTU and the 5th European Symposium of EUFUS where they were presented the ablation systems (destruction) for the treatment of solid tumors.

  • Sector: Medical & Scientific (Ultrasounds)
  • Públic objectiu: Scientists, doctors and other professionals from the healthcare sector worldwide.
  • Objective: Present to a scientific community, in the first joint edition ISTU-EUFUS, the new removal methods and its application in different tumours.
  • Necessitat: The committee needed help managing the technical secretariat, preparing material materials, press office and creation of a website.

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    • Proposed Solution: >atlanta offered his services in technical secretariat including registration, management of abstracts, badges preparation, venues research and accommodation. Graphic design services were provided such as the signage elements and creation of an informative website. Also, the press office was managed in-house including preparation of press releases, contacting journalists and different media and press clipping service. Promotion in social networks such as and twitter and facebook was also offered.
    • Outocome: More than 350 international attendees (among speakers and participants) meet at the UB historical buliding for three days to get to know the latest news on the focalized ultrasound system (HIFU).
    • Websitehttps://eufusistu.atlantacongress.org/
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