25 Spanish cities simultaneously

  • Sector: Cooperative sector
  • Number of participants: 3.000
  • Target audience: Prescribing doctors
  • Objective: We had to face a big challenge organizing an event involving a high component of logistics which introduced two new indications of one of the products of the company. A multi-site event including technical and audiovisual elements. We had to prepare a conference emitted from Barcelona to be broadcasted via streaming for 2 hours between offices in 25 different cities and with an audience of 1.000 people.
  • Solution: The chosen venue to broadcast was Antena 3TV set in Hospitalet. Creation of a TV studio, with an area of debate and local interventions getting to be simultaneously connected with 1,000 people.

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Exclusive services: 

  • Prospecting prior to event venues (Llotja Barcelona, set Antena 3 TV in Hospitalet, hotels and other venues)
  • Recruitment and coordination of suppliers (audiovisual, catering, hostesses) Hospitality during the event at all locations
  • Presence of atlanta at the headquarters (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Saragossa, Valencia, Santiago)
  • Accompanying >atlanta representatives during activities.


  • Creativity and design of the event.
  • Logistic coordination.
  • Marketing off/on line.
  • Coordination and supervision production during the event graphic design in-house event (signaling, signage)
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