5+5 Defense

  • 5+5 Defense Event: It is a strategic alliance of 5 European countries and 5 Arab countries of the Mediterranean basin charting defense policy, civil protection and promote practical activities of multilateral cooperation in areas of common interest for strengthening security in the area.
  • Objectiv: Develop multilateral cooperation among them to promote security in the Western Mediterranean. 10 member countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia.
  • >atlanta’s objectives: provide logistical support to the Spanish presidency of 5 + 5 event
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Atlanta’s contribution:

  • Coordination of protocol:
  • Placing flags of delegations:
    • Seating: room configuration in principal delegates and back seaters
      coordinating the event with the cabinet
  • Assistance to delegations:
    • coordination with security agents and bodyguards
    • Authorities coordination with room for pickup and delivery at airports
  • Pick up / delivery at the airport: pick up delegations with 2 vehicles for the representative and his delegation
  • Coordination with links to respond to all the needs of the delegations
  • Hiring qualified technical personnel
  • Personal interpretation / translation with Arabic, French and English
  • Rising personnel records
  • Coordination with internal and external press
  • Procurement of various services
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