Awards ceremony

  • Sector: Telecommunications Association
  • Number of participants: 250
  • Target audience: Members collegiates
  • Objetive: A ceremony to hand out the awards of the Official Telecommunications Association on a Tuesday evening where the assistance was supposed to be low. A traditional presentation was not supposed to be enough to get a quorum of 850 people. They needed a new type of event to get enough audience.
  • Solution: Our proposal was to change the traditional “Nit” into a TV event. Therefore, we made a big stage including a studio with sofas, carpets, cameras and screens among others. Through a variety of sketches the winners were introduced and they were also interviewed.

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  • Exclusive services:
    • Full event organization: Location of the most suitable venue in Barcelona to host the event, coordination with all suppliers involved prior and during the event.
    • Preparation of all documentation concerning the event. Establish the creative line, leitmotiv, website, posters and signage, room decor, sponsors stands.
    • Logistics. Control of arrival of participants, collecting badges, access control room, catering, awards, show during the ceremony, giving gifts to participants.
  • Communication:
  • Previous forecast surveys for the event
  • Public Relations and protocol (authorities)
  • Commercial management search for sponsors for the event: Call center, mailings, weekly progress reports sponsorship, contact search.
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