Convention at Bizkaia

A company that works offering finantial counselling is interested in celebrating its internal convention in the month of September. His team of young international professionals would like to combine the meeting program with coaching activities to promote the workteam spirit between different business units.

  • Sector: Company that offers finantial services
  • Destination and duration: Getxo (Bizkaia). Two days.
  • Target audience: 92 attendees – International team coming from Spain, France and Belgium
  • Objective: Organize an Internal Convention for the whole team coming from different headquarters and countries.
  • Need: The company needs a meeting proposal of a destination that allows to develop team building activities to strenghten teamwork among the different offices. This Internal Convention had to transmit the company values and offer leisure activities to the attendees. 

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    • Proposed solution: Since this Internal Convention was organized to host young international professionals coming from different countries such as Belgium, Francie and Spain, the proposed meeting point was the region of Bizkaia (Getxo). The attendees had the opportunity to carry out their meetings at the URL Palacio Oriol, a palace from the year 1906 with a smart decor and a unique location with views to the Abra bay in the Atlantic Ocean. The meeting would be combined with a wide variety of nautical activities as leisure program and participants would be grouped in teams to highlight strenghts among team members.
    • Outcome: The event, started with some appetizers in the terrace above Getxo’s beach where dinner was served and a Dj was playing music. The two-day convention, company presentations were made in the plenary rooms of the Palace. Meeting rooms were diaphanous, featuring marble floor and natural light offered the participants amazing views to the bay while the meeting was made. In the evening, they were performed group activities such as BigSup and Kayak with focus on teamwork.
    • Exclusive services: >atlanta made a prospection of different venues for the meetings and worked together with the CEO of the company, so the company  values could be passed on the team when developing the activity. A planification with all leisure needs was made including a prominent location with views to Abra bay and finger-food appetizers served in the same are of the hotel.
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