Convention – meeting in Barcelona

  • Company: Technology Multinational Company
  • Sector: Technological
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Participants: 3.500
  • Objective: Company product launch
  • Attendees: Company staff and main distributors



The main challenge with this group was to accommodate 3,500 people in a venue, other than a conference center or a convention center, for its annual convention that offered as a added value a unique physical space where to develop the event with 3,500 people.


After an exhaustive study of all possible locations in the city, it was estimated that the Palau Sant Jordi offered this added value. This sports hall was built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and can offer what is expected from customers.

Exclusive services:

  • Research of best venue possible with a “wow” factor refusing the use of congress place or convention center.
  • Make possible to have the meeting and the F&B services in the same venue with a smart division of the venue (as per picture).
  • Accomodation for the 3.500 participants. Best location, using less hotels possible and gettinng really low room rates for the whole group
  • Transportation: With the venue research, this was also another challenging issue to handle. More than 90 buses getting at the same time to the venue is really a “challenge”, and we did it.
  • Staffing to take care of the whole group. Professional and multilingual staff worked hard assisting at all times during the whole event. From the arrivals at the airport, the hotel transfers to the venue, or the assitance during the final party at the Barceloneta beach, without them the program would never had the great succes it had.
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