ICE 5 (5th Conference on Quantum Information in Spain)

A research center devoted to the science and technology of light wanted to celebrate ICE-5, a 3-day conference on quantum information to provide a gathering for discussion to researchers working in quantum information science.

  • Sector: Scientific (Atomic physics)
  • Target audience: Researchers and scientists in the field of atomic physics.
  • Objective: Celebrate the 5th Conference of Quantum Information in Spain and also celebrate José Ignacio Latorre’s 60 birthday (Commissioner and theoric physics professor in the University of Barcelona).
  • Need: They needed help managing all technical secretariat tasks and material preparation.

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  • Proposed solution: >atlanta, with previous experience in the organization of scientific congresses offered secretariat services such as attendees registration, management of abstracts, badges preparation, research and selection of venues and accommodation.
    Design works such as creation of the image, signage and notebook preparation were created by the in-house >atlanta’s graphic design team. 
  • Outcome: More than de 200 attendees (among speakers and participants) attendeed to the three-day congress where 9 speakers talked about the last research in this field. The closing day a gala dinner was offered.    
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