Discovering Australia

  • Sector: Pharmaceutical
  • Number of participants: 24
  • Target audience: Pharmaceutical group managers. These managers had travelled around the world and they expect the “wow” effect in their annual trips such as visiting new cultures, living exclusive experiences and approaching to other inhabitants, villages and customs. 
  • Services: Preparation of a complete itinerary of 11 days of cultural immersion through the territory of Australia. Tour of the cities Adelaide, visit the Barossa Valley, the country’s most famous viticultural region, visit Kangaroo Island, Melbourne, Sydney and its surroundings, The great Coral Barrier, the Great Ocean Road and much more.
    • Booking of air and land services (regular flights from origin to destination), accommodation (5-star hotels and resorts), visa procedures, exclusive transfers and coaches with the client’s logo, tickets to nature parks, monuments and activities.
    • Creating in-house travel image, design and printing of travel documents. 
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