Miami, New Orleans & Chicago

  • Sector: Cooperative
  • Number of participants: 24
  • Target audience: Collective knowledgeable of remote destinations, difficult to surprise, with concern to know cultures and live new and exclusive local experiences, mingle with its inhabitants and know their customs.
  • Trip Objective: Create a feeling of surprise to these cooperative with an innovative proposal.
  • Services: Preparation of a complete itinerary of 12 days of cultural immersion through 3 famous destinations in US: Miami, New Orleans & Chicago. The tours, visits, and bird-eyes views through Miami, New Orleans & Chicago will be the core of this magnificent incentive trip.

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  • Exclusive services:
    • Reservation of air services (regular flights), accommodation (5-star hotels), assistance with visa procedures and exclusive transfers.
    • Tour on a airboat in the Everglades National Park (Miami)
    • Dinner at “The Larios South Beach”. Gloria Stefan is the reaturant’s owner (Miami)
    • Baton Rouge tour along the Mississippi river to contemplate plantations of the film “Gone with the wind” (New Orleans)
    • Mississippi river cruise (New Orleans)
    • Dinner in the exclusive Odysee Cruise (Chicago)
    • Visit Harley Davisson headquarter (Chicago – Milwaukee)
    • Tickets to natural parks, monuments and activities.
    • “Check-in express” in the airport and hotels
    • An Spanish guide and a representative from >atlanta were travelling with the group.
  •  Communication: 
    • Personalized buses with the client’s logo.
    • Creation of the trip imagen and tailor-made travel documents.


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