Vietnam & Cambodia

  • Sector: Pet food industry  
  • Number of participants: 50
  • Target audience: Employees


Exclusive services:

  • All participants were assisted with formalities such as check-in, immigration procedures and luggage.
  • Exclusive areas in restaurants for the group
  • Exclusive Cyclo tour offering a relaxing way to visit the streets of Hanoi
  • Prospecting trip with the client to choose the best restaurants, hotels and logistic options.
  • Negotiation and budget control keeping informed the customer at all times about the modifications.
  • An >atlanta representative travelled with the group at all time to guarantee the highest levels of service.
  • Private transfers
  • Embarkation on the Paradise Luxury Cruises at Halong Bay

Communication: The participants enjoyed workshops and interactive activities to promote Team Building among the employees. A corporate image was prepared and at the end of the trip a photographic report was handed out.

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