Informative Station for ONA Hepatitis

  • Client: ONA Hepatitis
  • Route: Barcelona, Madrid y Valencia
  • Number of participants: 600
  • Audience: Pedestrians
  • Objective: To inform the conditions and development of Hepatitis-C in the population
  • Solution: Exhibition tent located on a 100 m2 inflatable equipped with interactive material and voluntary collaboration of patients and doctors. The information station focused on five key points: what is the Hepatitis-C, how can be transmitted, what effects generates in the patient and what should be done if it is suspected to be suffering it and your chances of healing. The tent offered free access and was open from 10am to 20pm to ensure people passing by entered the exhibition tent. 

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Exclusive services: 

  • Use of interactive screens from where you can check the information
  • Prospecting visits, recruiting and booking all services and supliers
  • Logistic coordination
  • Accompanying >atlanta representatives during activities


  • Scenography proposal using inflatable tents
  • Strategy, planification and implementation of campaigns
  • Logystics coordination and scene setting
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