Launch new product

Sector: Medical supplier
Number of participants: 50
Target audience:
Department of pharmaceutical company marketing
Objective: The medical distributor had to communicate to the marketing department the launch of a new product.
Solution: In three days all participants identified the new product with a number of attributes of the famous comic’ “superheroes”characters whose image was present throughout the event. The activities included volleyball snow, snowshoeing, orientation, course, ARVA building igloo and snow scooters individual snow rafting, carbine shooting.

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Exclusive services: 

  • Booking all meeting rooms services, accommodation, transport and activities during the event.
  • Assistance from >atlanta staff throughout the event to coordinate a program with many activities.
  • Organization and coordination of dinners and meals and activities for groups.


  • Event conception and the activities
  • In-house design of graphic including photo-calls, totems, dolls, e-mailing, teasers and banners.
  • Production and post-production
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