On-line travel request, approval & workflow

This comprehensive cancer research center, in neuroscience and translational medicine is one of the first centers in Spain. Specializing in biomedicine it has a team of more than 400 researchers who need their trips to be organized to Congresses and Meetings around the world.

  • Sector: Hospital centre
  • Number of participants:  400
  • Target audience: Researchers
  • Objective: Implementation of the online travel request program for researchers.
  • Need: The company’s General Management sets out for us the problem that they have with the management and coordination of the trips for their researchers, owing to the fact they do not have an established process that is operational. Each researcher requests services in a different way without there being a standardized process. Therefore, the travel request is slowed down.

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  • Proposed solution: As a solution, we propose the implementation of our online ARWEB platform, where each user can request,  check, approve and manage all the necessary services with the option of including an authorization process. At the first stage, all requests will be managed by Travel Assistance until the tool becomes adapted to their needs. At the second stage, it’s planned that each researcher  will manage their own requests, so that, through our platform, they can get achieve a single process for all researchers. Using the same format offers advantages such as reducing the number of mistakes by automating processes, and improving the swiftness in the request, authorization, closure and preparation of documentation.
  • Outcome: The implementation of the ARWEB system has considerably reduced the management processes on travel due to the fact that each researcher can make bookings and manage expenses online through mobile devices. With this tool they’ve achieved the three proposed objectives: improve the user experience, reduce management costs and be consistent and in compliance with the company’s regulations.
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