Sustainable Convention

  • Client: Consumer Goods Company Garraf
  • Number of participants: 800
  • Target audience: Sales networks
  • Services: Event CSR(corporate social responsibility) of the company in which 800 delegates met in order to foster collaboration between them in a common cause. 12,000 hectares of Natural Park destroyed by fire were reforested and planted 1,000 trees. Altanta was responsible for: Convene members of the group booking all transport coordination services, equipment suppliers such activity (trees, monkeys, gardening utensils), restaurant and catering services. In-situ organization of activity by groups and image control timings in-house event. prior to the event, documentation teasers.
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>atlanta also was responsible for:

  • Reservation and booking of all services and providers
  • Coordination of all logistics
  • Accompanying representatives> atlanta during activities
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