XIX Spain – United States Forum

  • Sector: United States – Spain Council
  • Target audience: Business leaders and administration authorities and representatives of political parties
  • Location: Marbella
  • Services:
  • Before the event: creating web and image of the Forum, attendee registration, accommodation booking in Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella, physical delivery documentation (folder, lanyards, pens, notepads, enaras, posters, certificates). Press office, communication media contact., Web maintenance program communications.
  • During Event: technical secretariat consisting of handling documentation, delivery attendants documentation, accommodation, meeting rooms, press control, coffee, lunch, dinner, flamenco show, media, private transfers, shuttle buses, airline tickets / assistants train hostesses furniture plenary room, gifts provide.
  • Website: forosantiago2016.atlantacongress.org/en  (Check out the last event in Santiago)

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