Our Technology

At the present time, the corporate traveller needs new tools and comprehensive technological solutions to get a reduction in cost within the travel account.

In this sense, the automation of processes, the agreements with suppliers and the search for the best fares are essential elements to him.

1. Management Platforms
  • Cvent
  • atlanta Software Congress
2. Self Booking Tools
  • atlanta SBT
  • Amadeus AeTM
  • Amadeus cytric
3. Reporting
  • atlanta informes
  • iBank
  • Tableau

4. Incident Management Unit
  • Trip Care
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Contingency Plan
5. Saving and management expenses
  • Amadeus All Fares
  • Sistema Fare Optimizer
  • Captio
  • Trondent
6. Mobile Apps
  • Events App
  • My Tag App

1. Management Platforms: On-line platforms for control and Workflow handling where, in a comprehensive way, the user and the client can request, consult, approve, and manage all services that >atlanta can provide and deal with any kind of event, whatever its size and type.

2. Self Booking Tools: We set at your disposal self-booking tools to make your own bookings, following the travel policies of your company and agreements with with preferred partners. This is an automated process that allows you to plan and book the full trip from anywhere and at anytime, via the Internet, having the possibility to book flights, trains, hotels or hire cars.

3. Reporting: On-line tools, based on cloudcomputing, which allow you to manage the data of the events giving you a clear, comprehensive and detailed view of the expenditure. In addition, this tool gives you access to an unlimited number of reports set out by the user.

4. Incident Management Unit: We make sure the service is offered in the case of urgent needs or incidents.

5. Saving and management expenses: Intuitive on-line solutions that allow you to efficiently manage costs related to the events; support solutions for decision making, data management, itinerary  management and personalized integration designed to improve  operative efficiency, cutting costs, and optimizing user experience.

6. Mobile Apps: In order to improve the attendees’ experience before, during and after the event we can create customized Apps allowing participants to be connected wherever they go. Therefore, they offer the possibility to include one’s own content, create campaigns offering relevant information and services, make follow-ups thanks to the reporting tool. It also offers the possibility of engaging with the participants anywhere and at anytime, thanks to the integrated messaging tool.

SECURITY: Our systems use Flexxible technology, and our own tools and platforms are hosted at COLT (Cloud), in compliance with the ISO 27001 and the ISO 20000

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