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atlanta events & corporate travel consultants has a new service that allows the organization of different types of events in a virtual environment, such as meetings, large and small, conventions, product launches, communication events or conferences.

atl@nta meetings offers a comprehensive service that completes the management, technology and communication of a traditional event, with the creation of a portal (web or app) that offers live events (streaming) or previously recorded. For this, it uses professional Live Streaming, Streamcast and Webconferences platforms, guaranteeing the development of the event in a safe and quality environment, accessible only through personalized registrations.

atl@nta meetings allows the holding of online events, without the need for speakers and attendees to travel, and also the holding of hybrid events, which connect the headquarters where some of the attendees are physically with the rest of the participants remotely.

Motivation, training, product launch, communication, research … whatever the strategy, we want our clients to advance in each of their actions. For this it is necessary to think of virtual events as value-added experiences that extend beyond a computer screen.

Quality and rigorous production is necessary, designed to leave nothing to chance.

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Organization and Production

We ensure an impeccable process with our management and coordination of experienced suppliers, organizing and reviewing the logistics and the different dissemination channels.


We turn the event into a dynamic and memorable space helping in the creation of content, designed to keep the attention and arouse the interest of the attending public.

We design the engagement content that will best connect with each audience segment.

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Communication and Branding

We define the Communication objectives to make the Event an opportunity to promote the brand or message, increasing visibility through Social Networks and MailMarketing.

The shape and image you need to project your ideas to the audience and make them come true. Creation of the web portal or app for the visualization of the contents.

Design of the event image. Platform customization. 3D stage design…

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Reports and Statistics

Finally, at the close of the event, detailed statistics such as the analysis of the number of views in a given period, number of connected users, accesses and segmentation through devices, schedules, geographical origin and other variables of interest to the company are available.

Success cases

  • Client: Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Target: Neurosurgeons, radiation oncology, molecular biologists, geneticists, rehabilitators and physiotherapists.
  • Goal:To discuss the most relevant technologies at the present time in neuro-oncology, in the hands of internationally renowned experts.
  • Need: To transmit through different training capsules the technological and therapeutic advances in the treatment of brain tumors.
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  • Clients: Catalan Society of Biology (SCB) and IEC
  • Duration: One day
  • Target: More than 450 attendees
  • Goal: Present the studies carried out on Coronavirus
  • Need: The company had defined the messages and objectives that it wanted to communicate during the Symposium. However, the current situation did not allow them to hold the event in a traditional way.
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