Event Consulting

At >atlanta events & corporate travel consultants we are specialists in generating value through events, turning them into an unbeatable opportunity to enhance your image and positioning in the market.
Thanks to our experience since 1980 in the sector and a clear customer orientation, we help you achieve the objective of your event whatever it may be (train and disseminate knowledge, incentivize, motivate and unite teams, launch a product or campaign, retain customers or commemorate a date, among others) successfully and that exceeds your expectations.



Carrying out a group activity facilitates communication and interrelation between the participants of an event. We provide tools to overcome communication barriers in your Incentives, Conventions, Product Launches, Symposiums, Workshops, etc.


We design all kinds of activities and creative formats to facilitate the transmission of the content of an event and maintain attention to it.


Our on-line and on-site technologies provide you with comprehensive management before, during and after the event: On-line event management, event website, Apps, digital and touch technology, multimedia services, etc.


We advise you on the preparation of the event briefing, providing our experience and creativity and adapting to any budget: planning according to timing and budget, negotiating power with suppliers, budget control and reporting.


Creative and innovative proposals to achieve experiences that last in the memory through the Event.


We offer you a comprehensive service and the most creative solutions in all phases of event production, adapted to all budgets: venues, stages, signage, back-drops, photocalls, stands, post-production management, etc.


We take care of all the logistical and organizational aspects necessary for the realization of the event. Consultancy, selection and management in locations and venues, accommodation, transportation, restaurant services, relations with guests, etc.


The goal of any event is to achieve maximum participant satisfaction at the lowest possible cost. At >atlanta events & corporate travel consultants we quantify the return on your investment in an event.

How we do it

Enjoying, together in all phases of the event through dialogue and co-creation, innovating, we take the initiative, taking responsibility for things to happen.

We create specialized teams, with a single interlocutor, specifically designed for each client and project, we work through a clear, flexible, transparent process focused on success to get the maximum potential from your event.

We work from the co-creation model, promoting participation and dialogue, thinking of personalized solutions that impact the memory of your target audience, enhancing inspiration, evocation and memory of your events.

In >atlanta travel & corporate events consultants we provide content, form and image to the ideas, concepts and communication messages around an event.

Participating in the “briefing”

Collecting the concepts and objectives to be transmitted

Being creative and proactive

Producing and implementing communication campaigns

Leaving nothing to chance, taking care of “every last detail”

Contributing to provide the expected comprehensive service