GA²LEN, the European Network on Allergy and Global Asthma, recently launched its program for the development, interaction and accreditation of centers of reference and excellence in special allergy areas integrated into its global quality management of allergy centers of excellence. GA²LEN UCARE’s primary goals are to provide excellence in urticaria management, increase awareness of urticaria through research and education, and promote urticaria awareness.

  • Sector: European Global Allergy and Asthma Network (GA2LEN UCARE)
  • Target: Network of urticaria specialists including the UCARE scientific committee, professors and professionals from different centers around the world.
  • Goal: GA2LEN UCARE, wanted to organize the first global meeting of the UCARE Network. They decided to hold the GA2LEN UCARE Conference and Preceptorship in Barcelona from November 30 to December 1 at the ESADEFORUM of the ESADE business school. GA²LEN UCARE Conference and Preceptorship included interactive sessions and panel discussions (day 1) and scientific papers and discussions (day 2). Day 2 was broadcast live.
  • Necesidad: GA²LEN UCARE needed assistance with technical secretarial services. >atlanta made his experience as a consultant available to society to advise and guarantee the perfect organization within the secretarial area.

Proposed solution: >atlanta took care of all the services related to the secretariat before, during and after the congress, including: lectern, accreditations, emails sent to participants, signage, issuance of certificates, credit card, dinner minutes, images , A5 size notebook, Christmas greetings, names on the tables, speaker presentations and program (agenda). On the day of the conference, three representatives of the> atlanta congress team came to ESADEFORUM to take care of all management tasks including welcome and attendance control. At the end of the conference, all disassembly was carried out.

Result: GA²LEN UCARE held its first Conference and Preceptorship in Barcelona with great success. All participants were delighted with the organization and service during the three days.