A research center in optical sciences and technologies wanted to hold the ICE-5 congress, a 3-day meeting in which new developments in the field of quantum physics would be discussed among researchers from all over the world.

  • Sector: Scientist (Atomic Physics)
  • Target: Researchers and scientists in the field of atomic physics.
  • Goal:Hold the 5th Quantum Information Conference in Spain and celebrate the 60th birthday of José Ignacio Latorre (Curator and professor of theoretical physics at the University of Barcelona).
  • Need: They needed help with all the technical secretariat procedures and preparation of materials.
  • Proposed solution: >atlanta, with previous experience in organizing scientific conferences, offered technical secretariat services such as registration of participants, abstracts management, preparation of badges, search and selection of venues and accommodation. Together with the graphic design team of> atlanta, the image creation work, preparation of posters and notebooks were carried out.
  • Result:More than 200 attendees (between speakers and participants) attended three conference days in which 9 speakers disseminated the latest research and studies in this field. The last day was closed with a gala dinner.
  • Webhttp://ice-5.icfo.eu/