The Organizing Committee of ICM 2006, held its International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid. From August 22 to 30, 2006, the Spanish capital became a meeting point for mathematicians from around the world, a great scientific event and a unique opportunity to show the importance of Mathematics to society. >atlanta, due to its experience in organizing congresses of a scientific type, was the agency selected to manage all secretarial aspects.

  • Sector: Scientific community
  • Target: International presence of a community of mathematicians from all over the world. The total number of attendees between speakers and participants was 4,270 mathematicians from 101 countries.
  • Goal: To celebrate the XXV International Conference of Mathematicians, a congress that is held every four years, and in which 20 plenary conferences and 169 invited conferences were to be held for 9 days. The international event also had the particularity of being associated with more than 60 smaller satellite congresses.
  • Need: ICM needs complete secretarial services for the celebration of this congress in Madrid, including the management of the different secretariats (technical, scientific, commercial and social). Thanks to the specialization in organization of scientific congresses, >atlanta was selected to guarantee the perfect organization of the congress.
  • Proposed solution: >atlanta would be in charge of managing all aspects related to the secretariat and generating value for the congress through its experience in the sector. The >atlanta team, which has professionals from different areas and specializations, offered complete assistance to the ICM congress including (online registration, abstracts management and registration, supplier management, transport selection, sending informative circulars, selection of accommodation and social program among others).
  • Result:The good development of the nine days of the congress, the speed with which last minute needs were solved and the professionalism with which >atlanta developed in the preparation of this congress, meant a great opportunity for Madrid as headquarters and a Milestone in the history of >altanta in the organization of large-scale scientific conferences.
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