On March 17, one of the leading experts in oral health, together with SEPA, the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration, held their IV Symposium. Under the title of “The dentist and the oral hygienist. A unique team ”, more than 1000 attendees participated in this IV Symposium organized entirely by >atlantaevents.

  • Sector: Oral and dental health laboratory
  • Target: 1.100 enrolled, oral health professionals
  • Goal: That the symposium continue to consolidate itself as one of the reference scientific meetings for oral health professionals. The aim is to make its scientific rigor and the dynamism of its formats, in terms of entertainment, an appointment awaited by all professionals in the sector. Through the Symposium, it is desired that both entities (Dentistry and Periodontology) transmit the importance of working together so that, going hand in hand, advances in Science and Oral Health are produced.
  • Need: The symposia of this oral health company are held biannually and were launched for the first time in 2012. The aim is to surprise attendees with an innovative event clearly transmitting the scientific foundations and the key message: “The dentist and the oral hygienist: a unique team”. The dissemination of this perfect tandem is what is intended to reach the audience.

Proposed solution: It is proposed that the IV edition take place at the Capitol Theater on Madrid’s Gran Vía. A movie theater is a space where you can create a complete experience with the most innovative technology in audiovisual matters. As soon as you walk through the doors of the room, everything would be personalized in order to create a tailor-made session.

Result: Through a new format and a spectacular staging, all attendees enjoyed a highly entertaining training session with a high scientific level. Through the “show” and humorous sketches the moderators led the entire event. The music of La La land served as a common thread between act and act. The APP for Smartphone and Tablet specific for the event created by >atlanta, allowed the Symposium participants immediate access to practical and organizational information about the meeting, as well as to interact during it. Likewise, social networks were the ideal communication platforms to follow every detail that happened during the Symposium and to network and exchange photos and impressions.