• Client: Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Target: Neurosurgeons, radiation oncology, molecular biologists, geneticists, rehabilitators and physiotherapists
  • Goal:To discuss the most relevant technologies at the present time in neuro-oncology, in the hands of internationally renowned experts.
  • Need: To transmit through different training capsules the technological and therapeutic advances in the treatment of brain tumors.


Programming and design of an on-line platform with great visual richness that allowed attendees to connect and access the presentations in a virtual live way, and in video format once it was finished. 

In the live sessions, attendees could interact with the speackers through chat. The presenter could answer the questions in real time.

To disseminate the different events, we developed a communication campaign through RR.SS and mailing.


  • Prior communication campaign
  • Attendee registration
  • Programming and design of the microsite
  • Previous rehearsals with the speakers
  • Creation of a chroma background and design of a background from which to disseminate the contents
  • Live production of recordings made from the speakers’ computers.
  • Editing the videos