Months of tireless work, persistence and high goals to meet. For the sales team it had not been easy to get here, it seemed that the day would never come but … Every job well done has its reward and the moment so longed for for those who had put so much effort into achieving the challenge has just come true. >atlanta events was in charge of materializing it by preparing a unique incentive trip through the Land of the Temples. An exclusive cruise on the Ayeyarwady River sailing from the coastal city of Bagan to the second largest in the country, Mandalay.


TARGET: Pharmaceutical company sales network with a high level of objectives and which each year is rewarded with a new destination for having reached the individual targets set. The total number of winners was 50.

GOAL: Reward a very competitive Sales Executive network that has been part of this challenge for years and that it is necessary to surprise with the award so that in subsequent editions it continues to compete at the same level.

NEED: The incentive award must not only be attractive but must also act as a lever of action for the commercial network. Therefore, you must communicate in a staggered manner, always maintaining the level of intrigue until the client officially communicates the name of the winners.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: >atlanta was in charge of managing the intrigue campaign by sending newsletters to the sales network, preparing the travel package that included transportation, accommodation on a river cruise and a social program.

HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE IT? To announce it to the winners, we prepared three types of impact, in a Teaser campaign format, to create expectations before the announcement of the award. We design a chain of newsletters with a monthly sending frequency to send to the sales network. The first impact, which was sent in January, opened with a ¡Surprise, Surprise! And the winners are… In the second impact, the type of accommodation was already mentioned: Sailing aboard the flagship of the Land of the Temples. Finally, the third impact allowed the enigma to be revealed. The destination was finally announced: Heading to the most attractive destinations in Myanmar.

RESULT: 9 days of incentive travel that included unique experiences, special services on board the cruise and marketing materials with the company’s brand.